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Empok Nor has been handed to the federation by the rebuilding Cardassians. It lies in the Trivas system along the Federation Border, an area still recovering from the Dominion War.

In the aftermath of the war the fragile alliances built between the UFP, Klingon, Romulan, and later, Cardassian governments continue to grow as they all attempt to rebuild a semblance of peace in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

The Federation presence on Empok Nor aims to offer any assistance necessary to the recovering planets as well as offer the usual demands of a space station on busy trade routes, and the aid-routes from Bajor to Cardassia.

The station commands the use of two runabouts, the USS Videl and the USS Evian, and also the new Defiant-class starship USS Hades. It's closest systems are Bajor and Cardassia, and it's nearest Federation stations are Deep Space Nine and Station 375. The Station is in close proximity to several spatial phenomenon such as the Bajoran Wormhole in the Denorios Belt and the Badlands.

Empok Nor welcomes all visitors.


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Empok Nor crew:

Captain Tashanas tashanas
Romulan Female (defector). Aged 67.

First Officer
Lt. Commander Kara Oliver karaoliver
Human Female. Aged 39.

Security Officer
Lt. T'Prel tprel
Vulcan Female, Age 34

Chief Science Officer
Lt. Dizhei sh'Dani dizhei_shdani
Andorian Shen. Aged 35.

Chief Medical Officer
Czarina Ulloriaq czarinaulloriaq
Chameloid Female. Aged 35.

Chief of Station Security

Security Second
Lt. Matthew Hill lt_m_hill
Human Male. Aged 37

Test Pilot, Hades and Runabout Pilot
Lt. Colleen O'Donnell colleenodonnell
Human Female. Aged 23.

Li Jaxa - Civilian lijaxa
Bajoran Female. Aged 27

Chief of Operations, Hades and Runabout Pilot
Lt. Jonathan Wendell johnwendell
Human Male. Aged 24.

Co-Owner of the Last Outpost Bar
Thellizhír (Ell) ch'Lethlaen thellizhir
Andorian Chan. Aged 24

Co-Owner of the Last Outpost Bar
Tanoshii Hogosha tanoshar
Race and age are mysteriously missing...

Waitress of the Last Outpost bar
Javel Somat javelsomat
Cardassian Female. Aged 18.

Cardassian Liason Officer

Federation Ambassadorial Liason
Soran ambr_soran
Vulcan Male. Aged 85

School Teacher
Mork Williams mork_williams
Human Male. Aged 30.

el'Krih Jorreh (Romulan Resturant) Staff
Resturant Owner - Yhea Llhran Rehu rom_npc
Romulan Male. Aged 75
Resturant Owner's Sister-Daughter - Eviess Jaeih Rehu rom_npc
Romulan Female. Aged 22

We have a Romulan and Klingon resturant aboard the station as well as the bar and the school. See the station map in the image archive

There are also a variety of NPCs who vary in activity....

Still required....

Long Term Cardassian Liason Officer.
Various Seconds.
Federation Civillian Corps Liason (Civillian side).

Any extra personnel, just tell us what you do - every station needs people like Kieko, Rom, and Leeta.

Non-Starfleet Personnel - Cardassian staff would be great given the location near the borders and the stations role in helping Cardassia. Also other races with diplomatic positions will be considered.

Non-Starfleet residents - merchants, traders, etc

Disclaimer: Empok Nor isnt ours.... it's theirs