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Empok Nor
SAT 0800 Colleen and John's Quarters 
31st-Dec-2008 05:25 pm
Colleen normal yellow1
Colleen sat hunched over a portable console on her bed, cross-legged and staring at a news feed from Telon II, a planet about a day from Empok Nor at Warp 6. She had figured out yesterday afternoon that Telon II was where the poker tournament was being held, and had promptly started going through their news feeds with close scrutiny. The excitement of the hunt had her engrossed completely, to the point that last night, she had let John tuck Keith in alone even though she wasn't required to work. She had rushed through dinner with Teddy last night and hurried back to her console, to do more research. And she had stayed up most of the night looking at news feed after news feed. She bypassed the big news on Telon II, knowing that the people they were dealing with wouldn't be so careless as to get something on international news. She instead looked for the little things, and searched the database for any combination of the letters in Pressman, Riker, and Henderson's names.

Then she found it. It was about 0630 and her eyes were starting to blur. She could feel the pull of her eyelids and wanted nothing more than to just crash on that bed where she sat. But then she found that a criminal by the name of Semprans, an anagram for Pressman, had been detained for several hours before disappearing from custody. His crime was entering a restricted area in the building where the poker tournament was about to take place. *But why did he get caught?* Colleen thought, also wondering why anyone from Section 31 would be stupid enough to take the anagrammed name of a dead Starfleet captain involved in covert, illegal operations.

So here was her proof, or rather excellent evidence for further investigation. Tampering with the poker tournament Riker and Henderson claimed to be travelling to was a man with an anagrammed name of Pressman. Either Section 31 was planting this just so they would come to the tournament, and it was a trap, or they were getting careless.

*Or nothing's going on and it's a coincidence,* a voice told her, but she chose not to listen to it. The chances of something bigger going on, knowing Section 31, were too large. Especially with Henderson's continued investigation into her discovery of the word Talapus in Keith's chip.

*That's it,* she thought. *I have to go over the chip again. I have to see if I can decode any more of it.* She got up from her seat on the bed and stretched briefly before walking quickly to her desk, and opening the top drawer. She reached her hand in and unstuck the PADD from the roof of the desk, pulling it out. She sat down in her chair, accessed the code, and began work, well aware that it was only a few hours before Henderson and Riker were leaving.
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