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Empok Nor
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15th-Sep-2011 07:51 am - Fri 2115: Captain's ready room
Just a guy
Jack and Matt met Colleen in the turbolift heading to the Ready Room. Jack gave a curt nod to the officers on duty, trying to smile slightly at them and for once not being sure it made it to his eyes. The admiral was going to have his hands full once the Captain heard this information.

As the door opened he gestured for Colleen to go in first. She gave him a quick and slightly annoyed look as she entered. The Captain gave him the same look as they entered the room.

"Lt. Report." She usually started at highest ranking and worked down, something told Jack that she had read them all the moment they walked into the room and decided on the less annoying news first.
7th-May-2009 03:15 pm - STARFLEET COMMAND NOTICE
WARNING: You have selected a mission file that is classified under Starfleet Directive SD-10131126-B.  All further information regarding this unsanctioned Starfleet mission is not available without a Level 13-K clearance. 

See USS Gadsden Files for unclassified information regarding the officers involved in this mission.
7th-May-2009 01:41 pm - SAT 2300 Telon
Colleen normal yellow1
Colleen put a masking signature on her shuttle and was able to pass the security checkpoint fairly easily. She descended towards the hotel she said she was staying at, and then veered sharply once out of range, landing in a forest far from her registered destination. Powering down the shuttle, she got up and grabbed her PADD with her information on it. Then she picked two phasers out of the armory in the back and stuffed the small one in her pants pocket, and threw the other one in a bag along with the PADD. She slung it over her shoulder, took a deep breath, and said, "Even though I walk in the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are at my side. Saint Anthony, watch over me, and this mission."

She exited the shuttle.
6th-Jan-2009 10:13 am - SAT 1545 Captain's Office
Tashanas had signaled over to the Hades for Wendell to come to her office as soon as possible. If her estimate was correct he should be there in just a moment. She steeled her own reactions. She had feelers out to figure out exactly where Colleen had headed to, and she had a sinking feeling that she would be in the loop only at the end of whatever this was. Which never helped her mood. The door chime rang, she looked up and opened the door for Wendell.

"Lt. Please have a seat."
6th-Jan-2009 11:07 am - SAT 1500 Colleen and John's Quarters
Colleen normal yellow1
At lunch time, John had dropped Keith off at their quarters and gone back to work in the Hades's engineering. Apparently, today was Warp Core Calibration Day. When John announced this at lunch, he was oozing excitement to the point where Colleen nearly fell asleep, catching his contagious boredom. Calibrating the warp core was long and tedious. "Thank God we only do it once every two months," he had said.

Keith went to his room to watch a video about Harris Kayden, and Colleen went back to decoding the chip. The numbers were dizzying after a few hours, and she had to take a step back or face them all blending together. She stretched, did a few pushups, and thought about how much she wished she had Keith's mathematical genius right around now. Then, it came to her.

"Four seven six three," she whispered, and jumped up, picked the PADD off the desk, and stared at it. "Four seven six three eight...twenty-two, not two, two." She was careful not to speak too loud, for fear that Keith might hear her and become upset. She grabbed the stylus and scribbled madly on the other PADD, revealing a sequence of letters. Then she sat down, and stared at the letters, trying to unscramble them.

"Let...on...wait...not let-on, Telon!" *Oh my God,* she thought, staring at the word. Telon was in the code. The planetary system Riker and Henderson were now heading to. She looked at the other scrambled letters, and began rearranging them. She nearly gasped. "Pressman," she whispered.

She rose. *What do I do?* she thought, and placed the PADD on the desk. She began to pace. *What do I do, what do I do, God? Do I go after them? I know you've sent me this message...I need to know what I should do with it. Does this mean they knew about Telon and are going there to get whoever's using Pressman's name? Or does this mean they're walking into a trap?* She sat down on the edge of her bed and gazed out the window. Then she looked at the Chronometer. *If you do anything, it has to be soon, or you won't make the poker tournament.*

She stood once more, and looked out her bedroom, into Keith's. Then she made one of those split second decisions she hoped to God she didn't regret later. Grabbing both PADDs off her desk, she removed her communicator from her uniform and entered Keith's room.

"Keith, Buddy, pause the video for a minute."
31st-Dec-2008 06:42 pm - SAT 0900 Shuttle Facility
<I>Riker waited for Henderson in the shuttle facility, standing next to the</i> Jordan, <I>which was going to be their transportation for the next couple of days.  It took a day to get to Telon II, and another day, of course, to return.  They would spend today in transit awaiting the poker tournament on Sunday, and hopefully accomplish their mission by the end of the poker tournament so no one would ask any questions.

Riker held a duffel bag with a basic change of clothes and a few PADDs with some very classified information encrypted onto them.  He checked the chronometer and sighed.  They were supposed to *leave* at 0900, not get into the shuttle then.  He took a deep breath. *You're getting too old for this--it has you on edge.  Calm down.  You just have to get back into it,* he thought.  Just then, the doors opened, and Henderson walked in.</i> "Ready for some poker, my friend?" <I>Riker asked with a grin.</i>
31st-Dec-2008 05:25 pm - SAT 0800 Colleen and John's Quarters
Colleen normal yellow1
Colleen sat hunched over a portable console on her bed, cross-legged and staring at a news feed from Telon II, a planet about a day from Empok Nor at Warp 6. She had figured out yesterday afternoon that Telon II was where the poker tournament was being held, and had promptly started going through their news feeds with close scrutiny. The excitement of the hunt had her engrossed completely, to the point that last night, she had let John tuck Keith in alone even though she wasn't required to work. She had rushed through dinner with Teddy last night and hurried back to her console, to do more research. And she had stayed up most of the night looking at news feed after news feed. She bypassed the big news on Telon II, knowing that the people they were dealing with wouldn't be so careless as to get something on international news. She instead looked for the little things, and searched the database for any combination of the letters in Pressman, Riker, and Henderson's names.

Then she found it. It was about 0630 and her eyes were starting to blur. She could feel the pull of her eyelids and wanted nothing more than to just crash on that bed where she sat. But then she found that a criminal by the name of Semprans, an anagram for Pressman, had been detained for several hours before disappearing from custody. His crime was entering a restricted area in the building where the poker tournament was about to take place. *But why did he get caught?* Colleen thought, also wondering why anyone from Section 31 would be stupid enough to take the anagrammed name of a dead Starfleet captain involved in covert, illegal operations.

So here was her proof, or rather excellent evidence for further investigation. Tampering with the poker tournament Riker and Henderson claimed to be travelling to was a man with an anagrammed name of Pressman. Either Section 31 was planting this just so they would come to the tournament, and it was a trap, or they were getting careless.

*Or nothing's going on and it's a coincidence,* a voice told her, but she chose not to listen to it. The chances of something bigger going on, knowing Section 31, were too large. Especially with Henderson's continued investigation into her discovery of the word Talapus in Keith's chip.

*That's it,* she thought. *I have to go over the chip again. I have to see if I can decode any more of it.* She got up from her seat on the bed and stretched briefly before walking quickly to her desk, and opening the top drawer. She reached her hand in and unstuck the PADD from the roof of the desk, pulling it out. She sat down in her chair, accessed the code, and began work, well aware that it was only a few hours before Henderson and Riker were leaving.
19th-Nov-2008 05:31 pm - FRI 1530 Security office
Colleen normal yellow1
Colleen had heard through the rumor mill that Henderson and Riker had a meeting earlier today, but she wasn't able to get anything else on the Titan's mysterious presence here other than what John had told her about their science officer's very limited helpful experience in the entire ISD project.

She had done some research and found that at one point, Henderson and Riker had classified parts to their personnel files that corresponded chronologically. And she had also found that her parents and Henderson were stationed in the same area at the time that Riker had served aboard the Pegasus. She was starting to piece together bits of information that told her something was really up here. She knew, as did all cadets, that the captain of the Pegasus had been convicted of a violation of the Treaty of Alderann and but on the way to prison, had been killed in a hijacking attempt by pirates. She didn't know if that incident meant anything, but it certainly stood out to her that Riker had served on the Pegasus.

She decided to look into the issue with Matt Hill. She walked into the security office, and leaned on the door frame.
"Workin' hard?" she asked with a smile.
13th-Nov-2008 10:24 am - FRI 1500 School
John had picked up a happy, chattering Keith at school and was now waiting just outside the door for Colleen and her friend, Teddy. He barely remembered the guy...Teddy hadn't spent much time with their little group of friends and Colleen didn't mention him often. She had to remind him that Teddy was the one whose towel they once stole from the shower, freshman year, as a practical joke. He remembered the towel prank, but he didn't remember Teddy.

"What's Ensign Gilbert gonna be like? Is he tall like you? Is he human? Is he Bajoran or Betazoid? Does he like math? Will he play with me?" Keith asked.

John smiled.
"Ensign Gilbert isn't quite as tall as me. He's human, and I don't know if he likes math. If he has some time, I'm sure he won't mind playing with you. But remember, Keith, he's here on business with the Titan. He's not here to play all day."

Keith sulked a bit, until he spotted Colleen and Teddy walking down the Promenade. Then he grinned, and started jumping up and down, still holding onto John's hand. "They're here! They're here!"
3rd-Nov-2008 07:45 pm - FRI 1400 T'Prel's Quarters
T'Prel sat in her quarters, completely silent, her face completely devoid of expression. She had agonized over this, thoughts of a thousand possibilities, discussed it, sought the support of friends, but in the end it was something she had to face. There was no more time to consider. She had settled, however tentatively, on a course of action and she would see it through unless circumstances changed dramatically. She was dressed in white civilian robes in the Vulcan style. She was aware of the beat of her heart, the rise and fall of her chest. She was aware of every inch of her body and yet she felt strangely removed from it, strangely removed from the madness which filled her mind and the hormonal urges which raged in her body. They would be here any minute now.
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